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Six Questions KPI

Six Questions to Answer When You Design A KPI

By Amy Hsieh

It is always a celebratory moment when organizations finally have strategic objectives defined after the exhausting strategic planning process they have gone through. Oftentimes, though, staff jump directly to determining “what should we do to achieve those objectives?” and put all their energies into implementing selected projects. After a year or so, organizations find either that they can’t quantify their …

Strategic Management Process Phase 5

4 Ways A Performance Management System Will Improve Strategic Execution

By Ted Jackson

As a chief strategy officer or someone involved in business performance management, you know firsthand the struggles associated with getting your team (or more broadly, your organization) to execute on strategy. There are so many obstacles to overcome, including those associated with using Excel or PowerPoint as your performance management system. Fortunately, there is a way to save a tremendous …

Strategic Management

What is Strategic Management?

By LBL Strategies Team

We use the term “strategic management” often, but what exactly does it mean? To some, it might seem obvious, but the reality is that the term has a lot underneath the surface that is worth unpacking. To understand what strategic management is from a base level, let’s turn to our friends at the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP) who define …

Performance Management

What Exactly Does Performance Management Mean in Relation to Strategy?

By Randall Rollinson

The term “performance management” has many meanings in the world of business. A common one is “employee performance management,” where businesses track how well an employee is contributing to the organization. This is not the type of performance management we’re talking about here. Performance management takes on a new meaning when brought up in the context of organization strategy. To …

Strategic Plan

Never Stop Evaluating Your Strategic Plan

By LBL Strategies Team

As the rate of innovation, disruption and change accelerates across all sectors private, public and nonprofit, the requirements of strategic planning are called into question. New methodologies, techniques and tools such as OKRs come to the fore challenging organizations to adopt shorter timetables and be more nimble in the formulation of strategy, evaluating performance and making course corrections. In the …

strategic objectives

How do we decide which initiatives and projects make the most sense for us to achieve our strategic objectives?

By Randall Rollinson

That is an excellent question! It’s always exciting when your organization comes to consensus about where you’re headed and the strategies to get you there. Once you get to the point of determining the objectives you expect from each strategy, the obvious next step is to determine the initiatives and projects that will help accomplish those objectives. Sounds easy, but …

What is the difference between a KRA and a KPI?

What is the difference between a KRA and a KPI?

By Randall Rollinson

If you’re looking for the difference between KPIs, KRAs and OKRs, you can find that article here. A key result area (KRA) is an strategic factor either internal to the organization or external, where strong positive results must be realized for the organization to achieve its strategic goal(s), and therefore, move toward realizing the organization’s longer term vision of success.  Key result …