Strategic Foresight for Army Transformation

The COVID pandemic in 2020, coupled with other global disruptions like social unrest, changes in the geo-political environment, and political polarization, has emphasized the importance of planning amid perpetual uncertainty. The practice of strategic foresight – popularized by the Shell corporation in the 1970s – has recently seen a surge in demand as organizations recognize the need to plan for the many surprises that could affect their future. Exploring these futures is critical to help the Army achieve its vision to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere. It will prepare Army leaders challenge the status quo, broaden traditional thought processes, and prepare for the uncertain future.

LBL Strategies recognizes the importance of strategic foresight when planning for the future. As such, we have designed a two-week program, Army Transformation: Strategic Foresight for Multi-Domain Operations , featuring a superstar line up including Rick Beyer, bestselling author and award-winning documentary producer of “The Ghost Army,” and Peter Singer, a New York Times-Bestselling author who will be accompanied by other Hollywood writers, bestselling authors, and former General Officers to lead a two-day workshop. No author, living or dead, has more books on the professional US military reading lists than Peter Singer.

The purpose of this unique, interactive session is to engage and inspire participants to not only apply foresight and strategic thinking skills, but to also nurture a strategic thinking culture. This program introduces proven strategic thinking tools and exercises which participants will experience in breakout groups, as well as utilize when returning to their roles. The speakers will complement the workshop by providing views on signals, trends, and technologies of the future to expand and challenge assumptions of today.

Further, the program is designed to partner with Army stakeholders. As such, offerings are in Tampa, FL (with featured presentations by both USSOCOM and their non-profit innovation lab – SOFWERX) and Austin, TX (featuring a visit to Army Futures Command to discuss “Development of the Future Operating Environment.”) In addition, both cohorts feature Major Shaye Haver, one of the first two women to graduate from the US Army Ranger School. In her talk “Lead by Example: Women and Army Transformation " Major Haver will share lessons learned from her experience at Ranger School and as an Infantry Officer to facilitate discussion on integration as part of the Army's transformation.

To discuss scheduling a program for your team, contact Doug Maris, LBL Vice President of Operations, at - and download the PDF below to learn more.


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Strategic Foresight for Multi-Domain Operations

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