Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning Certification Program

Learn how to design and run a strategic foresight program for your organization. Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning is a practical application of the most widely used foresight tool, scenario-based planning.

Strategic Foresight Training

Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning is offered in association with George Washington University (Center for Excellence in Public Leadership) and the Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence.

Learners who successfully complete the program may earn a university certification from George Washington University (Center for Excellence in Public Leadership), co-endorsed by The Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence

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March 18-22, 2024 • 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST • Virtual via Zoom

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Cost: $2950                                                                                                              (Optional George Washington University – CEPL Certification for additional 10%)

Strategy course for military partnered with George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
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Foresight Training Learning Objectives

The program is designed for professionals looking to build competency in strategic foresight by learning about and practicing the most widely used foresight tool: Scenario-Based Planning. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to prepare their organizations and themselves by:

  • Leading and facilitating all phases of a Scenario-Based Planning workshop
  • Acquiring a foundation in principal developments of alternative future worlds, what drives them, and how to lead discussions to elicit capabilities needed to succeed
  • Thinking strategically and screening for opportunities that help organizations prepare for an uncertain future
  • Aligning teams and individuals behind the skill of “futuring” to enhance strategic agility in the organization
  • Ensuring strategic planning priorities are aligned to and drive the right outcomes
  • Bridging the gap between strategy and foresight by learning tools to effectively analyze many possible futures, their needed capabilities, and priorities
  • Leveraging an agile strategic foresight system to guide effective decision-making
  • Cultivating a strategy-focused organization, driven by deliberate thought and consideration of the possible futures that could unfold


The value of foresight and scenario-based planning for federal agencies

Mastering Foresight as an in-house workshop

Clarke, an LBL Strategies client, has graciously allowed LBL Strategies to share select work products from their Scenario-Based Planning work session.

"Many, many thanks, Robin!  This is a great final summary report of all the work and activities that went into this process for our team, and I cannot wait to be able to share it with the Core Team as part of our Phase 1&2 wrap up.  We are most grateful that we were able to be led through this effort under your watchful eye!"

Miranda Schield, Clarke
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Phases of Scenario Training

  1. Focus on the Future
  2. Develop Alternative Worlds
  3. Facilitate a Scenario-Based Planning Workshop
  4. Analyze Future Investments
  5. Apply to Strategy Formulation

What Does the Scenario-Based Planning Program Cover?

This program covers the entire Scenario-Based Planning process, including “how tos” for bridging the gap to inform strategy. From Day One, a logical path for understanding the required five phases unfolds revealing a practical foresight process; one that is in alignment with decades of practice in both private and public sectors.

The program will help you develop requisite foresight and Scenario-Based Planning competencies, including the use of key strategic tools in order to effectively assess an organization’s possible future environments and formulate strategies to improve organizational performance. You will be able to translate capabilities that may be needed in the future to strategy, and prioritize projects to drive the right outcomes. You will be able to describe the vital role foresight plays in strategic planning and execution, while selecting the future capabilities that matter most.

Scenario Training Key Takeaways

Tool kit


Trend cards

Network of colleagues

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Scenario-Based Planning Program Outline

Mastering Foresight Program Overview

Mastering Foresight is an intensive, hands-on executive and professional education program designed for leaders and organizations looking to build competencies and skill sets in strategic foresight and scenario-based planning. As opposed to forecasting, which seeks to predict one likely event, scenario-based planning is a foresight tool that explores many possible future outcomes in order to help organizations identify the capabilities necessary to prepare for an uncertain future. During the workshop-style Bootcamp, participants learn how to construct scenarios and conduct workshops to yield creative solutions and leverage tools to analyze capabilities for investment.

Professionals learn disciplined approaches to writing, facilitating, analyzing, and developing recommendations that fit their organization by being practical, sustainable, and cost-effective. By acquiring these skills, organizations become prepared to effectively focus people, resources, and capabilities for an uncertain future. The program is available in two formats: in-person and live online

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Program Format

Ask us about offering this program directly to your organization, in one of the following formats:

In-Person Scenario Planning Workshop

Upcoming Programs

March 18-22, 2024 (Virtual via Zoom)

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST

$2950 (Optional George Washington University – CEPL Certification for additional 10%) 

Who Should Attend Foresight Training

Mastering Foresight is an executive and professional education program that delivers hands-on understanding and practical tools to actually lead a scenario-based planning event, for those seeking to lead foresight in their organizations, along with those desiring to develop skills to take on more responsibilities tied to strategic foresight and strategy management.

Strategy Professionals tasked with leading foresight in their organizations

Consultants desiring to add scenario-based planning into portfolio of consulting services

Individuals and Leaders interested in leveraging foresight as a tool to prepare for an uncertain future

Owners and Senior Executives who see the need for more effective preparation for dealing with unknown disruptors in their organization

Emerging Professionals building a pathway to careers in foresight and strategy management


Why LBL Strategies for Foresight Consulting

  • Our trainers have a combined 150 years of consulting and training experience in serving international businesses and public sector organizations
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert(s) in organizational design
  • Recognized leader in organizational strategy development and execution
  • 35 years’ experience offering university and/or association sponsored certification/certificate programs

Scenario-Based Planning Instructor Bio

Robin Photo

Robin Champ

Vice President, Strategic Foresight

Sample of Strategic Foresight Guest Lecturers could include

Ricard lum

Dr. Richard Lum

Guest Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos

Guest Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert


Lieutenant Colonel Jake Sotiriadis, Ph.D.

Guest Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert

We’re pleased to announce that Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning is officially an eligible course for the pursuit of The Futures School (TFS) Professional Foresight Certification in Natural Foresight®. The program is also considered for recertification credits.

Learn more about Natural Foresight® with this article from TFS.

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