Active and veteran military members can utilize LBL’s Strategic Management Performance System to earn Strategic Planning and Management professional certification and credentials from the International Association for Strategy Professionals

LBL Strategies is proud to be a Senior Corporate Partner of Army Strategist Association and the ONLY certified Veteran-Owned Small Business providing training to prepare for professional certification in strategy management. We
 are here to help you navigate the funding and application process for your specific branch, and obtain the requisite certifications, skills, knowledge, and experience you need to obtain your IASP credentials.

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Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System (SMPS)

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The Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System Certification Program (SMPS), is offered in association with George Washington University (Center for Excellence in Public Leadership) and the Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence.

Learners who successfully complete the program may earn a university certification from George Washington University (Center for Excellence in Public Leadership), co-endorsed by The Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence

This strategy online course is an intensive, hands-on Continuing Professional Education program for military members who are looking to obtain strategy management certification and credentials, by building their skill sets in the management of strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

This program equips you with the strategic planning skills you need to succeed by:

  • Learning effective strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation practices
  • Learning how to lead strategic planning efforts
  • Bridging the gap between planning and execution principles and practical tools to guide agile planning and decision making.
  • Preparing you for the International Association for Strategy Professionals (IASP) certification
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Step-by-Step Video to Apply for Credentialing Assistance through ArmyIgnited

Strategic Management Performance System Testimonials

Just received my certification as a Strategy Management Professional (SMP) from the International Association for Strategy Professionals (IASP). I have been working in strategy and strategy management for a long time. First with the Army and then in my second career. Glad that there is a process and a credential to delineate those who just say they are a "strategist" or that they do "strategy" and those that have actually dedicated themselves to the practice.

Special thanks to LBL Strategies for helping me through the process.

Jan K. Gleiman Ph.D
President, Army Strategist Association

"Often, our cumulative military experiences are well-understood within military circles, but when trying to relate ourplanning, strategy, and leadership skills to new employers, we face a translation wall, as strategy is frequently used to achieve a task or complete an operation. However, with shifting priorities, we often neglect the strategic management of our organizations which would apply a set of processes and competencies to specify goals, then develop and manage initiatives to attain these goals, and determine the long-run performance of an organization." 

U.S. Army

"The “Mastering Strategy” Strategic Management Performance System course provided me with both the theory and practice of what it takes to devise a coherent, executable strategy. As a member of the DoD, I see great value in applying this knowledge to shape the strategic direction of my organization and implement, execute, and assess both the long-term strategy and strategic operating plan. The course work, case studies, and templates all were very helpful in getting ready for the International Association for Strategy Professionals “Strategic Planning Professional” (SPP) certification process. Lastly, the professional cadre was very helpful and provided the individual attention to promptly answer every question I had about the content, and process, and contributed greatly to my success in the course."

Major Brett Butler
U.S. Army

“The GWU/LBL SMPS course was one of the best decisions I made! I learned several concepts and techniques that I have applied way before the course ended. I had many light bulb moments for some of the challenges I was trying to solve on my strategic management journey. Support throughout the course was phenomenal and addition of best practices and lessons learned added great value for me. Thank you!”

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Myrna Mckenzie
Senior Innovation Specialist
Wounded Warrior Project

“Encouraging participation across the groups to gain a broader perspective for my organization and applying the strategies to the realities of my organization.”

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Tom Conaway
Strategic Officer for Business Operations
U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

“Wow, this course exceeded my expectations and more. I’ve taken numerous strategy courses over my career, and this one is by far the most comprehensive of useful knowledge, skills, and tools that can be readily applied to the real world. The instructors are top notch, combining expertise, experience, and humor to make for an engaging class experience.”

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency logo
Cheryl Christopher
Strategic Advisor
U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

“The Mastering Strategy Program provided a comprehensive framework (Strategic Management Performance System) to think about strategy as a discipline starting with assessing the needs to strategy formulation, execution and performance management.”

nasa logo web
Naseem Saiyed
Deputy Director for Strategy

“The program was great! Very thorough the amount of material and the tools provided exceeded expectations.”

Tom Cavaness
Planning and Policy Specialist
American Battle Monuments Commission


 Boot Camp Program

This 5 day course provides in-depth interactions with instructors and peers. Includes handbook and a case study for breakout exercises. 

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Live Online Course

This 10-week online course provides access to live instructors, students and discussion forums. Includes e-copy toolkit and textbook. 

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Self-Paced Program

If you can’t attend our live course, we offer the same material, taught via e-learning modules that you can access and study at your own pace. 

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Simple Three-Step Course Registration Process

  • Step 1

    Decide which format (live online, boot camp or self-paced) is right for you and/or organization and request a quote for Credentialing Assistance.

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  • Step 2

    Connect with your military branch and follow their process to request funding.

  • Step 3

    Once funding has been approved, contact LBL Strategies again to schedule your course.

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Course Funding Options for Different Military Branches

For more information on funding options and available programs, select your military service portal below.

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