Disruption, turbulence and risk are here to stay.  Every leader must be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances or performance will suffer. This sobering reality requires leaders to make agile strategic decisions and remain focused on what matters most: Your customer, strategy, and people. Agile teams sense and respond more quickly to disruption and/or opportunities, and place small bets to keep options open. This one-day interactive and hands-on workshop is designed to cultivate agility in strategic decision-making. Leaders will process and apply practical tools and skills required to drive successful agile execution.


Agile Decision Making in a Disruptive World!

Target Audience: Key managers and emerging leaders who make strategic decisions in a disruptive world



  • Assess external trends, facts and perceived risks
  • Develop 2-3 robust scenarios and practice informed strategic thinking within and across scenarios
  • Develop a flexible plan of action to organize, communicate and support agile strategy execution
  • Understand the role of the leader and key managers in strategy execution
  • Make mid-course corrections to agilely adapt the strategy to the changing environment
  • Navigate the team through a fast cycle strategy execution process
  • Create organizational and individual alignment via agile OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Create a culture of trust, commitment, engagement and collaboration


  • “Strategy Canvas” to evaluate and visualize strategy choices
  • “Scenario Plans” to guide next year’s strategic decision-making
  • “Quarterly OKRs” to guide next 90-day’s action plan for each team/individual
  • “Cut Before You Add” to free up resources for what matters most
  • “Strategy Management Competency Assessment” with individualized results to assess your team’s maturity and agility
  • “Double-loop Learning” to make mid-course correction
  • “Strategy Management Calendar” to establish the cadence and govern the execution process

Why LBL Strategies?

  • Our trainers have a combined 150 years’ consulting and training experience in serving international businesses and public sector organizations
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert(s) in organizational design
  • Recognized leader in organizational strategy development and execution
  • 35 years’ experience offering university and/or association sponsored certification/certificate programs

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