Mastering Strategy On-Demand: Self-Paced Strategic Management Course

Learn to lead the entire strategic management process, and also earn university-certification, at your own pace!

Learn at your own pace with sixteen highly interactive, on-demand modules. You may register and proceed through the strategic management course at your convenience anytime.

The self-paced, independent learning edition of Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System is ideal for professionals who have an unpredictable schedule. During the mastering strategy program, you'll build lifelong skills in the management of strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation - all with the flexibility to learn according to your needs.

Additionally, this is the only online strategic management course that prepares you for the IASP SPP and SMP certification exams.

  • Currently a 95% pass rate of the IASP certification exam by those who have completed our SMPS program.
  • At last count, 31% of all IASP certified Strategic Planning Professionals, 12% of all IASP Strategic Management Professionals, completed the LBL Mastering Strategy SMPS course on their pathway to certification
  • Alignment with the International Association for Strategy Professionals (IASP) Body of Knowledge (BOK), including the most recent edition, IASP BOK 3.0.
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Questions? Reach out to schedule a meeting with a member of the LBL Strategies team. Our team is here for all your strategy training and consulting needs!

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Program Fee:
$1895*                                                                                                (Optional George Washington University – CEPL Certification for additional 10%) 

Text Book:
$65 (required)

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