Foresight & Scenario Planning Consulting

Helping your organization utilize foresight to inform strategic planning and decision-making.

The COVID pandemic in 2020, coupled by other global disruptions such as social unrest, changes in the geo-political environment, political polarization, and many others has heightened the need to plan for an uncertain environment.  The practice of strategic foresight –made popular by the Shell corporation in the 1970s – has recently seen a surge in demand as organizations now see the need to plan for the many surprises that could affect their future.

LBL provides experienced foresight practitioners – experienced in not just talking about the future, but skilled at how to apply this practice to deliver results… actionable results….and then show how they feed into strategic planning.

scenario training & planning

We will help your organization by:

Leading and facilitating a custom Scenario-Based Planning workshop

Crafting, with your personnel, tailored alternative future worlds, based on key drivers for your organization

Facilitating discussions to elicit capabilities needed to succeed

Aligning teams and individuals behind the skill of “futuring” to enhance agility in the organization

Ensuring strategic priorities are aligned to and drive the right outcomes

Bridging the gap between strategy and foresight applying tools to effectively analyze many possible futures, their needed capabilities, and priorities

Leveraging an agile foresight system to guide effective decision-making

Cultivating a strategy-focused organization, driven by deliberate thought and consideration of the possible futures that could unfold

Mastering Foresight as an in-house workshop

Clarke, an LBL Strategies client, has graciously allowed LBL Strategies to share select work products from their Scenario-Based Planning work session.

"Many, many thanks, Robin!  This is a great final summary report of all the work and activities that went into this process for our team, and I cannot wait to be able to share it with the Core Team as part of our Phase 1&2 wrap up.  We are most grateful that we were able to be led through this effort under your watchful eye!"

Miranda Schield, Clarke


The value of foresight and scenario-based planning for federal agencies

Meet the Scenario-Based Planning Consultant

Robin Photo

Robin Champ

Senior Consultant and Trainer: Scenario-Based Planning

Robin Champ is a senior trainer with LBL Strategies focusing on strategic foresight and strategy. She previously served as Chief of the Global Futures Office at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). In this capacity, she developed a comprehensive methodology (to include stakeholder interviews, scenario based planning, SWOT analysis, policy analysis, and crowdsourcing) to facilitate development of the Agency’s Strategic Plan. She also spearheaded the introduction of Scenario-Based Planning in the organization and is a frequent speaker on the subject at various Department of Defense (DoD) and interagency venues.

Prior to joining DTRA, Ms. Champ worked at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Office of Strategic Planning and Enterprise Transformation, where she was their Lead for the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review. While at DLA, she wrote their Transformation Roadmap and was the Program Manager for DLA’s Balanced Scorecard.

Ms. Champ earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Maryland in College Park where she was the Outstanding Senior in Advertising, graduating at the top of the Advertising class. Ms. Champ earned a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from NDU’s Industrial College of the Armed Forces. She is also a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, Senior Executive Fellows program. In addition to a commendation from the Vice President of the United States, and her many awards for outstanding performance, Ms. Champ is a recipient of the DTRA Director’s Distinguished Civilian Service Medal.

Ms. Champ is a regular guest instructor on Scenario-Based Planning for LBL Strategies’ GW University “Mastering Strategy for the Public Sector.” She also co-leads for the Federal Foresight Community of Interest and has been an expert guest speaker on foresight at multiple forums such as:

  • International Association for Strategy Professionals
  • Federal Foresight Community of Interest
  • Palladium Strategy Summit
  • National Defense University
  • American Society of Microbiology
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Department of Energy National Labs
  • Defense Innovation Summit

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