Just received my certification as a Strategy Management Professional (SMP) from the International Association for Strategy Professionals (IASP). I have been working in strategy and strategy management for a long time. First with the Army and then in my second career. Glad that there is a process and a credential to delineate those who just say they are a “strategist” or that they do “strategy” and those that have actually dedicated themselves to the practice. Special thanks to LBL Strategies for helping me through the process.

“The short and long-term strategic planning tools were actionable and easy to use and engage teams. I especially appreciate the comparison tools that evaluate your performance vs best practices locally and nationally and encourages teams to look beyond our world.”

The “Mastering Strategy” Strategic Management Performance System course provided me both the theory and practice of what it takes to devise a coherent, executable strategy. As a member of the DoD, I see great value in applying this knowledge to shape the strategic direction of my organization and implement, execute, and assess both the long-term strategy and strategic operating plan. The course work, case studies, templates all were very helpful in getting ready for the International Association for Strategy Professionals “Strategic Planning Professional” (SPP) certification process. Lastly, the professional cadre were very helpful and provided the individual attention to promptly answer every question I had about the content, process, and contributed greatly to my success in the course.

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“It was one of the best courses I have ever taken, I liked the “Tools” of the Strategic Management which I am currently using them at my work. I feel I am equipped with the right “toolbox” I should use, having the theory behind it, and the rational that help me to gain confidence.”

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“Instructors were effective, charismatic and helped reinforce the critical concepts of the course. Experiencing progression through the different strategic phases reinforces practical application of the concepts.”

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“This course offers a clear, compelling introduction to strategic management that is easily navigated and digestible with excellent knowledge check points along the way. So thankful to LBL Strategies for such an excellent IASP test prep course.”

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“The Mastering Strategy course not only gave me the knowledge and skills to lead a very productive strategic planning event but to also get to the outcomes we need. The leaders at LBL Strategies coached me to align and prepare for my first use of this approach and that made all the difference.”

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“The concepts I learned throughout this course are exactly what I need to do my job.”

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“I would like to inform you that I have passed my International Association for Strategy Professionals SPP exam and am officially SPP certified. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the LBL team for the great and professional training provided (as well as all the help afterwards) which allowed me to pass this exam and acquire the certificate.”

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“I especially appreciate the program’s bringing together of so many approaches and the volume of research into one, cohesive process. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the execution side of strategy development and management.”

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“Encouraging participation across the groups to gain a broader perspective for my organization and applying the strategies to the realities of my organization. A compliment to Doug and Randy for a successful class done virtually.”

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“This program did an excellent job of helping me understand how to help clients develop strategic plans to grow their businesses. The instruction team, LBL Strategies, was very professional, seasoned and organized in their presentation of the material.”

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“Wow, this course exceeded my expectations and more. I’ve taken numerous strategy courses over my career, and this one is by far the most comprehensive of useful knowledge, skills, and tools that can be readily applied to the real world. The instructors are top notch, combining expertise, experience, and humor to make for an engaging class experience.”

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“The course provided a wealth of evidence-based information and practical tools that will enhance my ability to prepare, execute, and evaluate my organization’s strategic plan. The content was delivered using a mix of learning formats (e.g., lectures, online discussions, quizzes, homework assignments, and peer-to-peer interactions) which greatly facilitated my understanding and retention of the content.”

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“The training and consultative services, as provided by LBL Strategies, are exactly what the Heritage College needed, and have enabled the leadership team to focus on what’s most important, to make better decisions, and to advance the ability to think and act strategically. The consultative services were tightly aligned with the training materials, enabling the College leadership to quickly learn and adapt the strategic management concepts and approach to the real world of higher education, positioning the Heritage College to become a true high-performing, strategic-thinking organization. Many thanks to George Washington University and the team at LBL Strategies for positioning us for continued successes in our pursuit of strategy management excellence!!”

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“The GWU/LBL SMPS course was one of the best decisions I made! I learned several concepts and techniques that I have applied way before the course ended. I had many light bulb moments for some of the challenges I was trying to solve on my strategic management journey. Support throughout the course was phenomenal and addition of best practices and lessons learned added great value for me. Thank you!”

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“The Mastering Strategy Program provided a comprehensive framework (Strategic Management Performance System) to think about strategy as a discipline starting with assessing the needs to strategy formulation, execution and performance management.”

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“Mastering Strategy Program presented by LBL Strategies, provided education and tools to improve my knowledge to move our strategic plan forward. Being able to access class presentation slides and recordings afterwards gives me the opportunity to review how processes are done before we implement. I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone working with strategy. It builds upon what you know and provides insight and tools for helping assess, develop, and execute a strategic plan.  Having access to leaders in the field to ask questions and get advice even after the class is over is an added bonus.”

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“Very good discussion.  The instructors provided context and engaged the student to tailor the course content to our industry.”

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“Instruction was superb and engaging! I highly recommend this course especially for SBDC top executives.”

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“What I liked most about the course was the way in which the information was presented. It was clear and easy to understand.”

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“The Strategic Management Performance System Certification training provided our consultants with a process-driven understanding and practical tools to help clients succeed in this area. I would gladly recommend your company to any organization seeking quality strategic management performance system training.”

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“Your professional and highly qualified team provided our consultants with quality training and prompt service. We received positive feedback regarding your Strategic Planning: Strategic Management Performance System Certification training and can already see its positive impact in serving small businesses throughout the state. Thank you for your professionalism and for helping make our conference a great success!”

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“The instructors were perfect with great experience.  The toolkit is amazing!  I am very happy with the learning that took place!!  Thank you very much!!”

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“I am so glad I took the program! I now have my own consulting business for public relations and strategic planning. The program enabled me to do this!”

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“The program was great! Very thorough the amount of material and the tools provided exceeded expectations.”

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“The boot camp was great and applies directly to our needs.”

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“I personally like a straightforward, logical, hence teachable approach to strategic management, which this program well provided.”

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“I’m thoroughly enjoying this course. It’s definitely the best strategic planning course I’ve taken over the years. Wish I’d known about it several years ago! I also wanted to let you know that I passed my International Association for Strategy Professionals SMP exam. I’m thrilled! No doubt your prep course was very beneficial in my preparation.”

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“This program is applicable for anyone within the professional world who wants to gain a better understanding of strategic thinking.”

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“LBL Strategies has been integral in building out the strategic planning, performance management and monitoring system. Without LBL ISA would only be half of what it is today.”

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“This is the best summary presentation on strategic planning management tools and techniques that I have seen to date.”

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“The real-life examples and simple tools presented in the Strategic Management Certificate Program not only give life to the theory and models, but also make it practical to implement in an organization.”

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“[The Strategic Management Certificate Program] has positioned me to leverage what I’ve learned in my work environment. During the lecture series, I was already finding opportunities to use some of the tools at my company.”

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“The program has helped me in my new position to develop coaching and workshop materials for our employees.”

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Ha sido uno de los mejores programas académicos que más me ha provisto de herramientas prácticas y metodologicas, listas para usar de manera inmediata. (This has been one of the best academic programs. It has provided me with practical tools and methodologies, ready for immediate use.)

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LBL Strategies’ SMPS methodology provides the framework for us to do our work. We are adjusting where we need to make the process work for us and not slow us down. As we get into a cadence of planning and executing, hand offs and report outs, we are seeing employee engagement improve, member satisfaction improved and our market retention is almost 96%.

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“I’m presently doing your Strategic Management program and thus far it is the best that I have seen as far as bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution. I am also completing my PMP at the same time and hope to apply these in my field of IT Procurement.”

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“The pleasure was mine to have met you and the other participants in the just concluded SMPS program. Thank you for meeting and indeed exceeding my expectations. I improved my strategic management skills and acquired the necessary strategic tools to apply in my organization.  I wish you and your family good health and a prosperous New Year 2018.”

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“It was my pleasure to meet you all and especially Randall. This course was a great opportunity to get ahead in the region in strategy management and to network with highly intelligent and established professionals.  I hope to meet you all in later programs and gatherings and wish you a bright future.”


Strategic Management Training Dubai

“Thank you, Randy, for this rich course and for helping us “connect the dots”, and thank you group for the productive discussions throughout this week.”


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“Thank you very much for the program. My current job I play a central strategy role, but despite having the right instincts and some background, I didn’t have the solid structure and framework to confidently lead. I was hoping this course would provide a bit of that. It surpassed my expectations, as did your personalities and teaching styles. All interactions, content, and lessons were extremely positive. One of the most tangible certification courses I’ve taken.”

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“The delivery was impressive. The tools introduced were cutting-edge. The program was very engaging and the interactive approach brought so much into the class discussions.”

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“I appreciated that the course was designed for busy professionals allowing me to fit it into my busy schedule.”

Strategic Management Client

“Thank you very much for the program. My current job I play a central strategy role, but despite having the right instincts and some background, I didn’t have the solid structure and framework to confidently lead. I was hoping this program would provide a bit of that. It surpassed my expectations, as did your personalities and teaching styles. All interactions, content, and lessons were extremely positive. One of the most tangible certification programs I’ve taken.”