Strategic Thinking in the 21st Century: A one-day professional development training

This program will be customized to your organization and offered to your team. There are currently no open enrollment offerings.

Theory and Methodology

Many organizations overlook basic strategy execution principles daily. In fact, only 9% of companies are rated as excellent at execution, and only 11% of managers believe that all their company’s strategic priorities have the financial and human resources needed for execution success. Gaps in the company’s performance often trace back to leaders and key managers not thinking strategically. Here’s how LBL Strategies will help your leaders think and act more strategically in just one day. We help our clients focus, make better decisions and grow by instilling the ability to think and act strategically

What Participants Will Walk Away With

  • An individually bound program discussion guide, including strategic thinking tools and exercises
  • Resource book: Thinking Strategically: Pocket Mentor, Collins, D., Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2010
  • A “Personal Value Proposition” statement
  • An individualized report, including “next step” suggestions, from Harvard Business Press strategic thinking self-assessment
  • Strategic Thinking questions, activities, exercises and tools to develop a culture of thinking and acting strategically

Addressing the Types of Leadership Issues

Do you often see strategy meetings veer off topic? Are your team members engaged and aligned with the organization’s strategic direction? Is budget dictating your strategy? Are there external opportunities and threats that are being ignored? We’ll cover each of these specific problems and more in this introduction to strategic thinking tools and exercises. All organizations face these issues, but not all organizations address them. The one-day program will provide you with the ability to understand how strategic thinking guides day-to-day operational work — and, in turn, leave you with tools, exercise, and 10 key questions to help you think and act strategically.

Addressing Strategic Leadership Questions

Implementing your strategic goals into all aspects of your business is a challenge. We’ll work through common questions regarding integrating strategy into the business and provide a clear path for how to best move forward.


The goal of Strategic Thinking in the 21st Century is to encourage strategic thinking at all levels of your business by providing you with an understanding of the impact strategic thinking has on organizational alignment, execution and performance. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with the ability to ask the right strategic questions in each business situation you face moving forward, resulting in better strategic decisions and a healthier overall business.

Why LBL Strategies?

  • Our trainers have a combined 150 years’ consulting and training experience in serving international businesses and public sector organizations
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert(s) in organizational design
  • Recognized leader in organizational strategy development and execution
  • 35 years’ experience offering university and/or association sponsored certification/certificate programs

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