Running a successful non-profit organization or association requires a team of smart, committed leaders at the board and executive levels. Too often, an organization’s board members lack essential skills for the organization to function at an optimal level.

LBL’s governance consulting provides practical solutions for transforming your organization’s board members into high-functioning, strategically focused leaders. Our certified governance trainers guide your leaders and board members through the complexities of developing effective governance practices that lead to effective organizations.

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The Delicate Balance - Intersection of Strategy and Governance
Roles and Responsibilities of the Association Board

 The board’s governance role is more intense in the beginning of the strategic management process and diminishes as the management team gets closer to executing the board’s approved strategy, and then again becomes more intense as the monitoring, evaluation, feedback and action taking processes unfold.  The successful choreography of these interactions depends on everyone understanding the role they play, where their responsibilities begin and end and respecting boundaries to achieve a powerful yet delicate balance.

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