The Mastering Strategy course offered by LBL Strategies was a transformative journey that significantly enhanced my strategic thinking and planning abilities.

The course material was relevant, easy to understand, and directly applicable to my work in national security. The complex world of strategy was broken down into digestible bits, making it easy to grasp even the most complicated concepts. The Strategic Management Performance System (SMPS) is by far the most comprehensive and useful strategy management system I know of, and I use it regularly in both my personal and professional life.

What makes this course stand out is the unique teaching methodology employed by LBL Strategies. The instructors were not just teachers, but seasoned strategists who brought a wealth of real-world experience to the table. Their passion for the subject was contagious, and their insights invaluable. They were always ready to answer questions and go the extra mile to ensure we fully understood the concepts.

The Mastering Strategy course also offered a perfect balance between theory and practice. The case studies and practical exercises provided an opportunity to apply the learned concepts and tools in real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach to learning gave me the confidence to implement strategic initiatives in my own organization.

Since completing the course, I have noticed a significant improvement in my strategic planning and execution capabilities. I can now confidently navigate the intricacies of strategic management, and I am better equipped to make informed decisions that drive organizational success.

I strongly recommend the Mastering Strategy course by LBL Strategies to anyone seeking to enhance their strategic thinking and planning skills. It’s not just a course. It’s an investment in your professional growth. I guarantee that you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that can be immediately applied to all aspects of life.

Major Andrew Bibb
U.S. Army