A System for Excellence in Healthcare: Criterion to Meet and a Process to Achieve

The Baldrige Excellence Framework and its Criteria for Performance Excellence incorporate proven practices on current leadership and management issues into a set of questions that help to align organizational resources and efforts to achieve success. The Baldrige Framework sets out “Criterion to Meet” in a non-prescriptive systems approach.

Similarly, the discipline of Strategic Management enables organizations to systematically prepare for/overcome challenges to take advantage of market opportunities. Strategic Management is a set of processes and competencies required to specify an organization’s strategy, execution plan and management system to achieve success. The Strategic Management Performance System Framework outlines a“Process to Achieve” results via a generic, prescriptive systems perspective approach.

When linked, these two frameworks provide a holistic and practical approach to achieving organizational results.  The intersection and integration of these two frameworks is documented via a recently prepared crosswalk.

This integrated approach to achieving excellence is central to the design of the upcoming “Mastering Strategy in Healthcare” bootcamp, which is co-sponsored by the Baldrige Foundation, George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership and LBL Strategies. This live, online program, geared toward healthcare leaders, will apply the Strategic Management Performance System, along with the Baldrige Framework in session one, to the myriad issues in healthcare today.


Upcoming Bootcamp: Mastering Strategy in Healthcare


10 half-day sessions from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. EST, live via Zoom.

Week 1: Jan. 31-Feb. 4
Week 2: Feb. 7-11

This program is recognized by the International Association for Strategy Professionals as an IASP exam preparation course (for both SPP & SMP).

Cost: $4,995 (Discounts available for groups of 4+)

Program is open to the first 25 enrollments. 


Randall Rollinson/President, LBL Strategies

President, LBL Strategies