A System for Excellence in Healthcare: Criterion to Meet and a Process to Achieve

Strategic Management Process Detail

The Baldrige Excellence Framework and its Criteria for Performance Excellence incorporate proven practices on current leadership and management issues into a set of questions that help to align organizational resources and efforts to achieve success. The Baldrige Framework sets out “Criterion to Meet” in a non-prescriptive systems approach. Similarly, the discipline of Strategic Management enables…

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Planning for Resilience

Part 1:   Individual Resilience For the past year I’ve considered the possibility of creating a course in “Organizational Resilience.”  The reason for my interest centers on the notion that organizations can be top quartile performers from the perspectives of strategic management, foresight, agile organization design, etc. but still fail if their team cannot get up…

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Achieving a Delicate Balance

boy sitting on teeter totter

I want to make a point about a dynamic that too often occurs in mission driven organizations.  To strike the right working balance between seasoned board members, senior executives and new leaders requires appropriate orientation and training in strategic management roles and responsibilities.  When little or no up-front guidance is provided new board members regarding appropriate behavior…

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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution: Leaders Must Lead

We all know the routine.  A leadership team comes together to formulate strategy, then armed with the best of intentions, assign business unit and functional teams to execute the initiatives they’ve chosen. Mission accomplished! Not so fast, often a gap between understanding and performance is experienced by those charged with implementing the initiatives flowing from…

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