LBL Strategies recognized by Army Strategist Association (ASA)

As a veteran-owned small business, LBL Strategies is proud to announce that we are a Platinum Corporate Partner with the Army Strategist Association (ASA). Our main focus of this partnership is to leverage LBL’s strategy management knowledge and training expertise to add tangible value to active-duty Army strategists and veterans via the ArmyIgnited Credentialing Assistance…

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The Strategy of Work-Life Balance

I recently returned from our family vacation – a time of rest, fun, catching up with family, and time for reflection.  I really value this get-away.  I find that as I separate from “the office” by changing surroundings – both the physical environment and my human interactive environment, my mind becomes more creative.  Each day…

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Foresight is left of Strategy

I just returned from the April 19-20 U.S. Government’s Foresight Symposium held at the BRICC in Arlington, VA.  The event was hosted by Air Force Futures in partnership with the Federal Foresight Community of Interest (   Included was a presentation highlighting the Air Force Global Futures Report: Joint Functions in 2040, published on Without…

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Book Review: “Learning from Tomorrow” by Bart Édes

Strategic Management library

The nature of challenges facing governmental organizations has never been more complex, staggering in scope and strategically important. To give governmental organizations every opportunity to successfully prepare, a growing consensus is emerging on the need to do a much better job of anticipating what realities could lie ahead, rather than exclusively planning for current trends…

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Our Role Has Evolved to Include Strategic Foresight!

scenario planning

By Randall Rollinson, Founder/President, LBL Strategies In today’s disrupted operating environment, a traditional approach to external analysis (i.e., PESTEL/SWOT) alone is not sufficient to provide the strategic foresight required to effectively inform today’s strategic planning processes. Historically, the practice of strategic management has not included Foresight/Scenario-Based Planning as a core component, but rather as a…

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A System for Excellence in Healthcare: Criterion to Meet and a Process to Achieve

Strategic Management Process Detail

The Baldrige Excellence Framework and its Criteria for Performance Excellence incorporate proven practices on current leadership and management issues into a set of questions that help to align organizational resources and efforts to achieve success. The Baldrige Framework sets out “Criterion to Meet” in a non-prescriptive systems approach. Similarly, the discipline of Strategic Management enables…

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Planning for Resilience

Part 1:   Individual Resilience For the past year I’ve considered the possibility of creating a course in “Organizational Resilience.”  The reason for my interest centers on the notion that organizations can be top quartile performers from the perspectives of strategic management, foresight, agile organization design, etc. but still fail if their team cannot get up…

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Why does Amazon Succeed? Answer: They focus on their Core Competencies!

In these most challenging of times, organizations are well served when they analyze, embrace and leverage what makes them special in the eyes of those they serve.  Such an analysis is often referred to as a core competency analysis.  Such an analysis defines the bundle of skills and technologies that enable a company (or organization)…

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Achieving a Delicate Balance

boy sitting on teeter totter

I want to make a point about a dynamic that too often occurs in mission driven organizations.  To strike the right working balance between seasoned board members, senior executives and new leaders requires appropriate orientation and training in strategic management roles and responsibilities.  When little or no up-front guidance is provided new board members regarding appropriate behavior…

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