LBL Strategies recognized by Army Strategist Association (ASA)

As a veteran-owned small business, LBL Strategies is proud to announce that we are a Platinum Corporate Partner with the Army Strategist Association (ASA).

Our main focus of this partnership is to leverage LBL’s strategy management knowledge and training expertise to add tangible value to active-duty Army strategists and veterans via the ArmyIgnited Credentialing Assistance Program.

On July 13, 2023, Dr. Ken Gleiman, President ASA introduced LBL Strategies as the first corporate partner of the Association. This recognition occurred just prior to an ASA community event “Effective Interagency Collaboration” held at the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C. The program featured Lieutenant General Dan “Razin” Caine, Associate Director of Military Affairs at the Central Intelligence Agency.

This exciting development highlights the importance of strategy management and credentialing, while providing increased opportunities for the Army strategist community. LBL is honored to deliver tangible benefits of professional strategy management certification to the ASA community.

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Randall Rollinson/President, LBL Strategies

President, LBL Strategies