OKRs vs. KPIs

OKR vs. KPI on colored background

As strategy management trainers and consultants, we frequently hear the question: “What is the difference between KPIs and OKRs?”  Or, just as frequently, “Which is better: KPIs or OKRs?”  As we learned in Strategy Consulting 101, our response is often “It depends!”  Which is “better” between OKRs and KPIs depends on your organizational complexities, overall…

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What’s the Difference between Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning?

strategic thinking framework

Recently a client asked a very simple, and yet extremely complex, question: “What’s the difference between ‘strategic thinking’ and ‘strategic planning’?” Great question! A quick Google search reveals that academics have pondered and debated this question since the early 1990’s. One extremely helpful scholarly overview can be found in the June 1998 volume 31 of…

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