Dr. Earl Young

Senior Management Consultant and Blog Lead

Earl Young is a Professor Emeritus of Management at DePaul University, where he taught courses in strategic management, operations management, and quantitative techniques. He designed and introduced graduate and undergraduate management and service management, quality management, operations strategy, innovation management and operations auditing.

Prior to teaching at DePaul University, Dr. Young taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the State University of New York at Albany, where he taught business policy and operations management. At both schools, he coordinated several student management consulting teams that worked with small businesses.

He also designed and managed the delivery of several open enrollment and on-site certificate programs in the Center for Professional Education and Development at DePaul. He was also a senior consultant in the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University, where he counseled entrepreneurs in the growth and development of their businesses and new ventures.

Throughout his career, he consulted with both large and small businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area. In conjunction with this consulting, he conducted several research studies on small business and new venture management. Parallel to this research in Chicago, he also conducted research on small business development in Mexico. In cooperation with Nacional Financiera (the national development bank of Mexico), he designed, developed and delivered several small business workshops and seminars in several major cities in Mexico.

He received his Bachelor of Philosophy and MBA at the University of Chicago, and his Masters and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Northwestern University. His primary area of concentration was in the management of R&D and the transfer of technology to businesses in developing countries.

Before beginning his academic career he worked on projects at the United Nations, the Board of Science and Technology for International Development of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the United States Agency for International Development.