May Wu

Director of Business Development


May Wu is Director of Business Development for LBL Strategies, Ltd. She is an entrepreneurial spirit professional with experience spanning startups, mid-size businesses, and corporations within both the private and public sectors. Technically skilled in project management, market research, business analysis, and business development.

As a Chinese American, May has always wanted to contribute to the China-US business, helping both Chinese and American companies develop their business nationally and internationally. In order to better achieve this goal, she has been trying to be a versatile person who always steps out of her comfort zone to obtain new skills to do things she has passion for.

May earned her Master’s in Business Administration with Georgetown University where she serves as a Graduate Assistant. During her MBA years, she has accumulated expertise in several industries by participating in various projects to include healthcare, social impact, hospitality, sports, social media, finance, and education. In addition to her impressive educational background, she has served as Project Consultant for a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company, Alicorp, in Peru and an Associate Brand Manager with Romanti Jewelry Group, being active between China and the United States. All of these diverse global experiences have equipped her with the ability to see any given situation from multiple perspectives, which makes her uniquely qualified to solve problems quickly and efficiently even under challenging conditions.

May enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, playing games, and exploring new things. She is also an adventurer, constantly pushing her own limits by participating in different kinds of adventure activities.