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Strategic Management

What is Strategic Management?

By LBL Strategies Team

We use the term “strategic management” often, but what exactly does it mean? To some, it might seem obvious, but the reality is that the term has a lot underneath the surface that is worth unpacking. To understand what strategic management is from a base level, let’s turn to our friends at the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP) who define …

Leaders Lessons

Three Lessons in Effective Leadership from Elon Musk

By LBL Strategies Team

Part 2 of our blog series. Elon Musk is a unique person. The CEO of his own space exploration company, Space X, and the genius behind the premium car brand, Tesla, Musk is constantly pushing the edge of what’s possible. Often referred to half-jokingly as a real-life Iron Man, Musk seems to always be on the forefront of technology and …

referral program

Refer Friends and Earn Money with LBL’s New Referral Program!

By LBL Strategies Team

We’re excited to unveil our brand-new referral program for past and current training participants! If you thought your time with LBL was impactful, we encourage you to pass along your experience to someone you think would benefit from our training. Serving strategy professionals is our true passion and so, for a referral, we are giving back to you, our dedicated …

Eugene_F._Kranz Nasa

What Strategic Leaders Can Learn from NASA’s Most Famous Flight Director

By LBL Strategies Team

Gene Kranz helped build NASA from the ground up in the late 1950s, developed the space program through Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and he was the flight director for missions including Apollo 11 and Apollo 13. He’s the guy that ran mission control, one of the key players in achieving the goal of “landing a man on the moon and …

Strategic Management Books

Want to Be a Better Strategic Planner? Read These Classic & New Books on Strategy

By LBL Strategies Team

Strategic planning is all about the unknown. What will my business look like in six months? What will happen if I make this decision? How can I improve as a strategic planner? The list of questions is endless, but fortunately, there have been many individuals to go before you who can provide answers. It’s rare to find yourself in a …


What’s the Difference Between the KPIs, OKRs and KRAs?

By LBL Strategies Team

When it comes to setting organizational goals, finding the right measures to track your success is a crucial part of the process. If you want to keep up with a changing market, you should know how well you’re doing, how you can improve and what effect your actions are having on your overall strategy. Needless to say, the pursuit for …

Strategic Management Dubai

LBL Brings SMPS Boot Camp to Dubai

By LBL Strategies Team

Our VP of Operations, Doug Maris, is in Dubai – and not just for the nice weather! Doug brought our Strategic Management Performance System Boot Camp with him to help professionals from across the globe build skills required in all phases of business strategy. Learners from Dubai, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Egypt have been experiencing intensive, hands-on …

Transformation Strategy

Is Your Business Transformation Strategy Going Down the Drain?

By Randall Rollinson

This post was originally published on July 24th, 2016. It was just featured in PMI Chicagoland Chapter’s Newsletter! How many times have you heard the term “Business Transformation?” Have you ever wondered about the exact meaning of this widely used term? I have. Basically, it is a change management strategy which has the aim to align people, process and technology initiatives of …

Performance Management

What Exactly Does Performance Management Mean in Relation to Strategy?

By Randall Rollinson

The term “performance management” has many meanings in the world of business. A common one is “employee performance management,” where businesses track how well an employee is contributing to the organization. This is not the type of performance management we’re talking about here. Performance management takes on a new meaning when brought up in the context of organization strategy. To …

ASP logo

The Benefits of Becoming ASP Certified

By Randall Rollinson

When you compare strategies between businesses, you’ll find that no two are exactly alike. Each business is trying to accomplish something another isn’t – ­­however large or small the differences end up being. This fact could lead you to believe that a strategy professional’s talents are unique to each business too, with no transferable skills. But, when you look into …