Why seek strategic management certification?

At every venue you visit for the services you need, there are credentials and certificates hanging on the wall. Behind the desk of your attorney and CPA are their degrees and licenses; your surgeon and dentist proudly display the medical credentials they worked so hard to earn. Even for professions that don’t take years of university schooling, you put your trust in education and certification: many restaurants publicly display their health department approval, your lash and nail artists hang their cosmetology licenses next to their mirrors, your IT staff continue to earn certifications in their fields, and even your mechanic has a special certification to work on your brakes.

Yet despite this ever-present array of certifications that dominates trust and hiring, in the corporate world, there are many gaps in education and certification, even among employees who perform critical roles within the company. If you are a professional who has recently inherited the role of strategic management in your organization, or a business owner who would like to train someone else (or yourself) to manage strategy for your company, you need a strategic management course. Furthermore, if you are seeking a new role in your business or want to change careers entirely, a new strategy management certification can add the credibility and know-how that will put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Getting certified in strategy management through LBL Strategies will open new job and career opportunities for you. In today’s labor environment, hiring managers are looking for specific expertise and certification instead of degrees. Your local pool wouldn’t hire a teenage swim instructor without certification in lifeguarding and CPR; yet some strategy managers are permitted to lead businesses into the deep end and then let them flail. Don’t be the strategy manager or business owner who avoids developing the specific, nuanced expertise needed to guide your organization.

What’s available?

LBL Strategies offers a broad range of training options to fit your needs:

  • The Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System
    Certification Program, offered in conjunction with The George Washington
    University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership (GW-CEPL) is an intensive
    course that focuses on the management of strategy formulation, implementation,
    and evaluation. It can serve to prepare you for the Association for Strategic
    Planning (IASP) certification or help maintain your Project Management
    Professional (PMP) certification.
  • Scenario-based Planning is offered in training or consultation form to help your
    business plan efficiently in today’s complex, uncertain times.
  • Strategic Thinking in the 21st Century is a one-day workshop that can be offered
    on-site at your workplace to help your entire team make beneficial decisions and
    operate as a well-oiled strategy machine.

LBL Strategies Team