Strategic Thinking Webinar

Watch the Strategic Thinking Webinar

This 30 minute strategic thinking webinar introduces key factors explored in our full one-day live event taking your team through a fast-paced interactive experience to apply strategic thinking throughout the execution of your strategic plan.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the key differences between strategic thinking, strategic management and day-to-day operational work, as it relates to the implementation of your plan.

  • Explore how leadership and teams can align and communicate change for effective strategic thinking, planning and action.

  • Examine how teams can be led through a strategic thinking experience which energizes better operational effectiveness and long-term strategic positioning.

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Guide teams and individuals through a process of cultivating a culture of strategic thinking.

Breakout sessions with questions and discussions.

Each attendee receives:

  • Thinking Strategically – Pocket Mentor. 2010. Boston, MA, Harvard Business Press by David J. Collis.
  • Course Study Guide with slides, tools and exercises.
  • Advance online Strategic Thinking Individual Self-Assessment and results.

Strategy Management Group designed this professional development seminar for Commonwealth Edison at the request of DePaul University.

This workshop was designed to facilitate strategic change through improved cross-functional communication.

The content of the Individualized Strategic Thinking “Self-Assessment” was developed by Harvard Business Press.