Strategy through a Creative and Inclusive Lens

In just three short months, strategists from around the world will gather in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time since pre-covid. The importance of this gathering to our community is central to our mission. In any year, the International Association for Strategy Professionals (IASP) – formerly the Association for Strategic Planning – conference is great. We meet with friends, learn from each other, and get caught up on industry advancements. But this year – more than any other – is extra special for many reasons.

First, it marks the expansion of IASP to a global organization. No longer is the association just focused on domestic standards. Now, the standards are recognized globally. I welcome the global membership and am excited about the diverse thought and education it brings to our association.

Second, as I mentioned, it is the first in-person annual conference in three years. Yes, we all get together on Zoom. But the interaction of in-person events is important. Sitting side-by-side with other professionals, networking during lunch and breaks, and walking around the exhibitor showcase cannot be duplicated virtually.

Third, I am excited about this year’s theme: Strategy through a Creative and Inclusive Lens. This is not just a theme to have a catchy title. This theme is meaningful. It forces us to think about our profession and the value we bring to each other and our customers. I am very much looking forward to learning how other organizations focus in this area, and how we can collectively leverage this to improve strategy world-wide.

And lastly, this conference will mark the transition in the IASP certification program from Body of Knowledge (BOK) 2.0 to 3.0. This is significant as it shows the maturity of the organization, and how we apply what we learn from our consulting practices, training courses, and each other to improve the profession and certification process. In short – we remain relevant and committed to continued education and improvement.

I look forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones. I hope you will join us.

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