Phase 2.1 – Mini Case Study – Evergreen USGC Scenario Analysis

Creating and Sustaining Strategic Intent in the Coast Guard


For more than two centuries, the United States Coast Guard has been “always ready to respond” when citizens stood in need. Today, the Service’s readiness and ability to react are at the very core of its identity, and the Coast Guard has justified pride in knowing it can respond to unexpected events with alacrity, creativity, and excellence. The capacity to react quickly and appropriately to the unforeseen and unpredictable must always be a distinguishing feature of the Service.

The world the Coast Guard must operate in, however, is changing profoundly. The terror attacks of September 11th are the most vivid illustration, but accelerating change has been buffeting the Service since the end of the Cold War. Rapid, almost dizzying advances in technology, global networks, trans-national forces, and international markets are profoundly reshaping global maritime security. The emerging maritime domain is a much riskier place, and is changing the face of every Coast Guard mission. It is essential today that the Coast Guard think and act with an understanding of the forces behind the changing world of the 21st century.

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