LBL Strategies & The George Washington University’s Center of Excellence in Public Leadership Introduce New Certification Program: Mastering Agile Organizational Design Certification

LBL Strategies announces a new program for continuing professional development in strategic management, with focus on organizational design.  This program will be available in two offerings: 1) Public sector focus, and 2) All-sector focus.

Developed in collaboration with the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership located in the College of Professional Studies, “Mastering Agile OrganizationalDesign Certification” gives professionals the tools to push their organizations to be more agile, adaptive and responsive.

Program participants will learn how to anticipate and overcome changing landscapes and unforeseen obstacles by leveraging innovation, collaboration, and systems integration with continuous feedback loops.

Faculty includes:

• Dr. Richard Thayer, managing director at Syngineering Solutions, a management consultancy headquartered in Baltimore, MD. As an organization design practitioner, author, teacher, and advisor, Thayer’s work focuses on agility and collaboration.
• Dr. Naomi Stanford is an organization design expert, practitioner, teacher, and author. Stanford advises and supports corporate and government clients in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
• James Stockmal is the owner of SK Partners, an independent management consultancy licensed in Washington, DC. Stockmal is the immediate Past President of the Association for Strategic Planning.

This program is held over six (6) half-day sessions of live-online interactive instruction including breakout groups and application exercises.

“For the past 3 years we have studied what we refer to as the strategy execution gap. A major contributor to execution failure is poor organizational design practices,” said Randall Rollinson, President, LBL Strategies.

The program is ideal for organizations experiencing:
• Volatile or uncertain external operating environments
• Downward trends in market share
• Decrease in project productivity
• Confusion as to how Artificial Intelligence can impact sustainability
• An inability to execute strategy

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