A Tribute to Jane Sommers.

On December 16, our long-time friend and beloved colleague passed away. Many of you will remember Jane as our business/office manager. For the past 10 years, Jane kept our records straight, customers happy, and team supported.

Jane Sommers was much more than a competent accounting and office professional. Quoting from her 12/22 Chicago, Sun-Times obituary, โ€œJane was an avid sailor and an accomplished helmswoman. She sailed Lake Michigan and the Atlantic. Knowing that smooth seas do not make good sailors, Jane faced adventure and challenges with resolve and good humor in equal measure. Generous of heart and spirit, she was loved by all who knew her.โ€

Our friendship (and early business relationship) with Jane goes back more than 30 years. Many times over these decades, we shared openly, argued with, listened to, and depended upon one another.ย  She was a wonderful woman, a trusted colleague, a loving mother/grandmother/sister, and in so many big and little ways, a dear friend.

As we are forced to accept this tragic loss, we will keep Jane in our hearts and be ever thankful she was part of the LBL family.

Randall and Diane Rollinson, Doug Maris, and Richard Faulkner

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Randall and Diane Rollinson, Doug Maris, and Richard Faulkner