The ASP Chicago Chapter is Seeking New Leadership!

Are you located in the Greater Chicagoland Region? 

Are you looking for an opportunity to be more involved with the Association for Strategic Planning? 

Would you like to increase your visibility within the Chicagoland strategy management community?

If the answers to these three questions are “yes” please let us know.

Beginning in July 2018 ASP Chicago is looking to carefully transition the leadership of the ASP Chicago Chapter to a new set of leaders (President, VP Programs, VP Membership and Marketing, and Treasurer.) Much progress has been made these past few years to position and build the Chicago Chapter. Here are a few of the primary developments:

  1. Secured the support of Archer Daniels Midland to host our regularly scheduled panel discussions.  (Thank you, Ismael Roig)
  2. Held a two-year series of 8 successful panel discussions on topics related to formulating, implementing and evaluating strategy.  Upcoming programs:
    1. 2/12  Role of the Leader in Strategy Execution
    2. 4/10  Role of the Mid-Level Manager in Strategy Execution
  3. Built a strong and growing partnership with PMI Chicagoland
  4. Established a formal relationship with the Midwest Chapter of the Association for Strategic Alliance Professionals
  5. In process of developing collaborative relationships with the Chicagoland chapters of ATD and SHRM
  6. Hosting the ASP 2018 Conference in May 2018 – Bridging the Strategy Execution Gap

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity. 

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity to serve, please reach out to Randall Rollinson, President, ASP Chicago at or 773-758-6921.



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Randall Rollinson/President, LBL Strategies

President, LBL Strategies

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