Board Leadership Development

Developing a strong Board of Directors is paramount to creating an effective organization capable of achieving its vision and mission. Once an organization establishes an effective board member recruitment pipeline and implements practices focused on transforming board members into effective leaders, it is well on its way to creating a high functioning entity that operates very strategically.

The Board Leadership Development Program is a training program specifically designed to enhance the leadership skills of Board Members. It includes modules for prospective, new, and current board members developed by our certified governance trainers and governance experts. It also includes an advanced topics module for more seasoned board members.

  • Prospective Board Member

    Training programs and tools to assist potential board members in becoming more knowledgeable about nonprofit good governance practices, roles and responsibilities, and begin to develop strong leadership skills. Current board member program and tools to effectively recruit and communicate with prospective board members.

  • New Board Member

    Successful orientation training programs and tools directed toward assisting new board members to quickly become an effective contributor to the board. Includes board roles and responsibilities in the areas of financial, program and CEO oversight, strategic and performance management, board meetings, financial resources, Board and CEO leadership/partnership and building a competent board.

  • Current Board Member

    Highly effective boards are the result of engaged board members who continuously develop their knowledge and skills within and beyond the boardroom. While the New Board Member Program focuses on the basic fundamentals of the duties and responsibilities of the board of directors and the individual director – the “What” and “How” – this program emphasizes building greater depth in a variety of areas that will expand current board members’ leadership skills and their ability to contribute at an even higher level. For instance, in the area of strategic planning, the Current Member Program goes beyond understanding the need for planning, what is in the strategic plan, and the organization’s planning cycle. It builds important knowledge of the value of strategic thinking and management and ability to assess program performance.

  • Advanced Board Member

    Provide Contemporary and Advanced Board Leadership Development techniques that prepare board members for executive board roles, community, state and national leadership positions. Each board has individuals with not only the desire to lead, but the natural skills to be strong leaders within and beyond the organization. The Advanced Program is designed to further inspire these individuals by providing in-depth training that will take their natural skills to an even higher level. The objective of the sessions is to prepare these individuals to not just lead the organization in the future, but to give them the kind of solid leadership skill foundation to pursue local, state and national leadership roles.