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Data vs. Experience

Data vs. Experience: Is Going with Your Gut Obsolete?

By LBL Strategies Team

As the business world’s dependence on data collection and analytics continues to grow, many strategic planners are left wondering what their role is going to be in this new era of computer-driven decision making. Is the old-school CEO going to be usurped by technology, or is there still room for someone with professional experience to make the call? The answer …

What is your Organization’s Appetite and Tolerance for Risk?

What is your Organization’s Appetite and Tolerance for Risk?

By Randall Rollinson

Over the past several months we developed a strategic thinking course for one of our primary clients.  As we got into the design and development of the course, we discovered that managing risk is a critically important consideration in thinking strategically. Solid strategic thinking related to executing the organization’s strategy includes assessing the trade-offs involved in selecting a particular course …

strategic thinking framework

What’s the Difference between Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning?

By Doug Maris

Recently a client asked a very simple, and yet extremely complex, question: “What’s the difference between ‘strategic thinking’ and ‘strategic planning’?” Great question! A quick Google search reveals that academics have pondered and debated this question since the early 1990’s. One extremely helpful scholarly overview can be found in the June 1998 volume 31 of Long Range Planning, in a …

The Quintessential Killer of the Corporate Vision

The Quintessential Killer of the Corporate Vision

By Richard Faulkner

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” (Carl Jung) Carl Jung’s work in understanding the human psyche (conscious and unconscious) fundamentally informed the development of modern psychoanalysis. His quote elegantly frames the challenge within the human condition to find balance between what we want (desire) …