Rena Mason

Senior Governance Consultant


Rena is a trusted advisor to mission-driven board and staff leaders, helping them shape their boards for high performance and tell their unique stories. Rena has an MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelor’s in Finance/International Management from Georgetown University. She is a ICFCertified coach and BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer with extensive training in high performance coaching, board development and group process facilitation. 

Rena’s approach has grown from experiencing how exceptional boards and leaders build high-impact organizations and dysfunctional teams tear them apart. She knows a strategic plan will fail if board and staff leaders do not lead. She trains boards and leaders on high performance teams, governance, fundraising, recruitment & retention, diversity and inclusion, and succession planning. Her specialty is empowering board and staff leaders to embrace change, push bold ideas and build great teams. She has coached Board Chairs and Executive Directors/CEOs through a range of organizational challenges including growth, leadership transitions, strategic alliances, restructuring, turnaround and crisis. 

Rena brings a wealth of experience in facilitating groups, large and small, through a range of issues, complexities and outcomes. Sometimes the goals are focused and short-term, but most of her facilitation experiences are focused on deconstructing complex issues, resolving conflict, breaking through barriers and building a long-term vision and plan. 

Some of Rena’s board work resulted in her winning the Business Volunteer of the Year Award from the Arts & Business Council. Currently, Rena serves on the Board of the Arts Alliance Illinois and as a Regional Leader with the National Association of Women Business Owners – Chicago Chapter, both membership organizations. She brings broad knowledge of housing, social services and community development through her 10 years of board service with a leading supportive housing provider.

Prior to launching Bold Agenda, Rena spent over 20 years helping scale businesses through new product development, strategic planning and capital raising in the food, commercial real estate, publishing and investment banking industries. She views storytelling as one of the gifts that she developed further through Second City’s Comedy Writing Program and writing numerous comedic sketches, plays, and screenplays.

Professional memberships include Association of Consultants to Nonprofits, Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter, Forefront, International Coaching Federation and National Association of Women Business Owners – Chicago Chapter.