Strategic Thinking Professional Development

Strategic Thinking in the 21st Century: A One-Day Professional Development Training

The ability to focus day-to-day decisions through the lens of the total enterprise is critical to making maximum use of resources while building a competitive edge. This workshop takes your team through a fast-paced interactive experience to apply strategic thinking professional development within your organization.

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Date/Time: Saturday, September 8th from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Central Time
Location: 8745 W Higgins Chicago, IL 60631
PDUs: 7 PDUs

On-Demand With Your Team at Your Location

Working as members of cross-functional teams, participants experience the benefits with interactions that relate to their enterprise while understanding their role as a strategic thinker. Facilitating the workshop onsite at your location eases the impact to your workday.

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Guide teams and individuals through a process of cultivating a culture of strategic thinking.

Breakout sessions with questions and discussions.

Each attendee receives:

  • Thinking Strategically – Pocket Mentor. 2010. Boston, MA, Harvard Business Press by David J. Collis.
  • Course Study Guide with slides, tools and exercises.
  • Advance online Strategic Thinking Individual Self-Assessment and results.

This workshop was designed to facilitate strategic change through improved cross-functional communication.

The content of the Individualized Strategic Thinking “Self-Assessment” was developed by Harvard Business Press.

This course is recommended for:

  • Leaders who want to know and appreciate the differences between strategic thinking, strategic management and day-to-day work.
  • Leaders seeking more innovative solutions from their business units, including the ability to align behind and execute the business strategy.
  • Members of a cross-functional team to apply strategic frameworks and management tools in support of the organization.
Morning Session:
  • Teams assemble in “functional units”
  • Introductions and instructional objectives
  • Overview of strategic thinking with discussion
  • Step 1 – Seeing the big picture
  • Step 2 – Articulating strategic objectives
  • Strategic environment – executive presentation
  • Facilitated Q&A
  • Breakout discussion #1
  • Review related strategic management templates
  • Step 3 – Identify relationships, patterns and trends
  • Breakout discussion #2
Afternoon Session:
  • Review related strategic management templates
  • Step 4 – Get creative
  • Step 5 – Analyze information
  • Breakout discussion #3
  • Review related strategic management templates
  • Step 6 – Prioritize your actions
  • Step 7 – Make trade-offs
  • Breakout discussion #4
  • Review related strategic management templates
  • Individual value propositions (Dyad teams)
  • Review related strategic management templates
  • Communications and Change management
  • Review related strategic management templates