About LBL Strategies

Our History

We began in the 1980’s delivering the Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) at DePaul University and at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Over time, opportunities emerged to help executives going through our program with strategic planning consulting for their organizations. What began as a value added service to clients has become our core competency…effective strategic planning and strategy management.

Our Mission

We help our clients focus, make better decisions and grow by instilling the ability to think and act strategically.


As a federally certified Veteran Owned Small Business, we are helping clients focus, make better decisions, and grow . . . is predicated on:

  1. A successful, 30-year, track record of creating customized processes and collaborative solutions with our clients.
  2. Collaborating to define actionable solutions to make organizations better
  3. Thriving at the intersection of strategic management theory and real-life business practice in order to provide a full spectrum of actionable products and services.
  4. Serving as the “back-office strategy department” with exceptional customer service.
  5. Passionately striving to make your organization better.
  6. Equipping and training leaders in strategy formation, operational execution, performance management, and governance best-practices.

The field of strategy management continues to evolve into a discipline gaining wider acceptance and practice within organizations in public, private and government settings. Today, we stay on top of emerging theory and practical developments in the field, add to it with published papers and books and are actively involved in industry developments working with the Association for Strategic Planning at both local and national levels. In short, we love working “in” the field delivering smart practical solutions to formulating and executing strategy and working “on” the field through the Association for Strategic Planning to continually improve the development and management of strategy as a discipline.

What We Value

HONESTY AND RESPECT for each other, our partners, and our customers.
INTEGRITY in all situations, no exceptions.
We LISTEN to each other, our partners, and our customers.
OPEN MINDEDNESS as we recognize good ideas can and will come from all.
COLLABORATION ALWAYS as life is VERY short and resources are limited… we value 1+1 = 3, 4 or 5 (but never 2).
DIVERSITY IN OUR TEAM as our collective experience is fundamental to understanding the global market.
RISK TAKING & RISK MITIGATION as they are two sides of the same coin.
SUSTAINABILITY – In the end we make a lasting difference.

Who We Are and What We Do

The LBL team is made up of respected practitioners and solution providers for strategic planning and performance management, strategic information data management and leadership development. The methodologies, programs and tools we employ are ones we build and continually improve based on our research, experience and understanding what works.

We occupy unique space in the field. We are pioneering leaders in strategic management and respected developers / providers of certificate based education and training in strategic management for university based and returning executive professional development audiences. Our Certificate in Strategic Management program (SMPS) is an IACET award winning recipient as an “exemplary, outstanding results-oriented program.”  We have extensive experience engaging in complex projects with clients here in our backyard (Chicago) and beyond (nationally and internationally) working in nonprofit, for profit and government sectors.

Each project presents unique challenges reflective of the make-up, circumstances and dynamics of the organization. We provide both integrated and stand alone solutions for process (SMPS), information management and applied learning (education and training programs) in order to:

  • Build teams and organize them to effectively engage in strategic management
  • guide teams through well-defined practical “learn by doing” strategic planning, implementation and performance evaluation processes
  • help each team build and operate a realistic program of strategic management that fits within their organization.

LBL Principals

Our business and client services team is led by Randall Rollinson, President and co-founder of LBL Strategies, Ltd. With 25 + years delivering strategic management consulting, education and training, project consulting and facilitation, Randall has worked with over 2,600 organizations in both project based and education and training settings helping them focus, make better decisions and grow.

Our information technology team is led by Diane Rollinson, Chief Information Officer and co-founder of LBL Strategies, Ltd. and President of Rosebud Software Systems, Ltd. Diane is a data architect and expert in data modeling, with an extensive business consulting background. Diane specializes in supporting and organizations in leveraging information for strategic advantage.